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Derrick’s Testimony

When I left Hagerstown and came to Westminster, it felt like another dead end. I was angry, depressed and suicidal. The first month here at the Mission, I spent my time finding problems with the staff, clients and the rule book. Then God spoke to me and I realized that I was the problem, not the Program. I started to read the Bible and pray more and more every day. Slowly, I started to feel happy and woke up every morning excited for the day instead of being angry at God for waking me up. My cravings are now very rare, my temper is under control, and I now feel that I have a very strong future. I have been reading non-stop, focusing on Christian apologetics. As of right now, I plan to pursue a path in apologetics. The best way for me to live my faith and share God’s Word is to defend and prove them to be factual to the skeptic. One of the best things to come my way at the Mission is new friendships and my current work assignment at The Mission Store. Matt Thrift (staff there) has become a friend and spiritual guide in addition to being my supervisor. All in all, the Westminster Rescue Mission has saved my life and helped me find Christ, to seal my eternity in heaven.

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