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John’s Testimony

Sports was a huge part of my life from age 6 until I was a senior in high school.  Football was my #1 sport and it seemed natural for me to do well without too much effort.  But, my drug addiction started right in my neighborhood and I was introduced to heroin at age 15.  I have been to 7 rehabs in my 17 year struggle, 3 of which before I graduated high school.

I became an electrician and went through a lot of jobs, but my heroin addiction became my full-time job.  It destroyed everything I worked for and any relationships that were important to me.

I am thankful I experienced everything I did at such a young age because there is no substitute for experience, especially with 17 years of battle in 32 years of living.  I want to use my story and the things I have been through to help other men who battle a life of addiction, to show them there is hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I believe that God allows people to experience things in life so that we will help others in similar circumstances, so I am ready to tell my story and serve in the ministry field or at least lead a men’s group for those who face the same struggle.  I thank God for saving my life and giving me another chance to live for Him.

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